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Tyres for the Rolls-Royce 40/50 Silver Ghost

Rolls-Royce 40/50 Silver Ghosts were originally fitted with 895X135 beaded-edge tyres. Unfortunately, beaded-edge tyre technology is now very outdated. When these cars were built most road surfaces were loose; tyres didn’t suffer the side-forces to the extent they are having to today on modern, tarmac road surfaces. Nevertheless, beaded edge tyre failure was an issue in period due to their high pressures (60-65 psi) and abundant of sharp stone chippings and horse-shoe nails on the roads.  Beaded-edge tyres regularly just went ‘bang’ and came off the rim damaging what was an expensive tyre but hopefully nothing more!


In the early ‘20s Rolls-Royce started to look to the new wired-on tyre technology, fitting 23” straight sided wheels with 33X5 tyres. This is the more reliable tyre fitment for these cars.  As a result, many manufacturers have concentrated their efforts on making a new tyre in the size 33X5 with a period tread pattern although traditional beaded-edge tyres are still available.


It is fair to say that the majority of Silver Ghosts were originally fitted with beaded edge tyres and for purists, it is a shame to change them from original specification. However, straight sided tyres are much more reliable and provide more grip and a smoother ride at lower running pressures of 55-60 psi and using split-rim wheels are much easier to change at the roadside.

Popular Tyre Choices: 

895 x 135 Chevron Cord Tyre       

33 x 5 Goodrich Tyre


Tyre Pressures are dependent on total gross weight of car and loading.  Increasing tyre pressures will (typically) improve MPG and lighten steering but to the detriment of comfort and vibration.

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