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Silver Ghost Bonnets

1913 Double Rear Brakes 4 Gears_edited.jpg



There are two distinctive designs of bonnet for the Silver Ghost, parallel and tapered, with either plain, louvered or sliding side panels. 


It is often thought that a cut off period of 1913 exists between the two types, however this is not correct.


The Silver Ghost had 'plain' sided parallel bonnets from its introduction in 1906 until the introduction of 'louvred' sided, parallel bonnets as a customer option, from the 700 series in July 1908.


The half louvred side panel was introduced from the 1100 series in July 1909, still as a customer option on the parallel bonnet.


The tapered bonnet was first introduced for the London-to-Edinburgh model in 1911 from chassis 1700 to 2699. Customers still had the option of parallel bonnets, with plain or louvred sides. 


Parallel bonnets were deleted at the end of G series in Feb 1915 and from the introduction of H series sliding shutters were introduced on the side panels.

Therefore Silver Ghosts were produced within the years 1911 to 1915 where the bonnet may have been either parallel or tapered.

The Silver Ghost pictured above is a 1913 London-to-Edinburgh type with tapered bonnet and plain sides.  The details of the style of bonnet originally fitted to a particular car will be identified on the chassis build cards available from the RREC.


Information provided by Steve Hubbard


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