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Chassis Number Location


Rolls-Royce 40/50 Silver Ghosts - Chassis Number Location


British Rolls-Royce Silver Ghosts


Early cars did not have the chassis numbers stamped anywhere, other than on the chassis plate. The chassis number plate was originally screwed or riveted on the driver's side of the firewall, moving to the engine side of the firewall.


The engine number was stamped on the engine crankcase, although engine numbers are not commonly known before the 1100 series in 1909.


When the torque tube chassis was introduced on chassis 1700 (8.4.1911) the chassis number was 'always' stamped on both of the diagonal tubes connecting the sphere universal joint to the centre spring mounting. The numbers were located near to the chassis rail and faced upwards and included OS and NS.  These tubes were manufactured specifically to fit each chassis and are not interchangeable. 


From 1915 the chassis number was stamped on the pedal assemblies, on the underside of the 'I' section of the clutch and brake pedals.


On the three-speed gearbox the chassis number was stamped on the front horn mounting.


On the four-speed gearbox the chassis number was stamped on the side of the gear selector tower.


There may also be various symbols including the ‘swastika’, ‘omega’ (+) and (-) marks or various other symbols stamped on the inside rear chassis rail.


The front cross tube was stamped with the chassis number on the off-side.


From the introduction of the diagonal tubes to the front cross tube these were stamped separately with the chassis number and either 'NS' or OS.


The chassis number was stamped on a plate at the rear of the underside of the bonnet hinge.


The chassis number was stamped on the front wooden floorboards supplied with the chassis, usually on the edge of each board. This way they are neither visible from above or below. Sometimes the chassis number has been painted on the boards.


Replacement chassis parts were stamped with the relevant (F) part number but not necessarily with the chassis number.  Engineers at the the Repair Department sometimes also stamped the chassis number on replacement chassis parts using a 'dot punch'.  The build cards (available from The Hunt House) will show which parts have been replaced. 



Springfield Rolls-Royce Silver Ghosts


The chassis number can be found in several places BUT it is almost never in ALL the places listed and there is no rhyme or reason to which places are used on any individual chassis.

On front cross member at base of right headlight stanchion.


On the inside of the rear end of left chassis rail (not the extension).


On the underside of the very front of the central bonnet hinge right near the radiator.


On the front cowl light brackets where the cowl lamp is screwed on in RRCCW bodies.


On the top of the rear door wood (if car is a closed rear).


Stamped in the wood on the bottom of the floorboards. 




Many thanks to Steve Hubbard who complied this information from Allan Glew (British cars)

and David Morrison (Springfield cars).

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