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16th and 23rd April 2024


The next workshops on the 40/50 Silver Ghosts will take place on Tuesday 16th and 23rd April 2024. The instructors are Graham Mead and Andrew Whittaker who are keen to impart their knowledge and experience to other enthusiasts.  All club members are welcome, but numbers are restricted so please book early to ensure your space.


The workshops will be held at South Derbyshire in conjunction with the East Midlands Section. The theme is hands-on experience at servicing, dismantling and re-assembling a variety of components for these fine motorcars. This builds up the confidence to tackle jobs oneself. The workshops are an invaluable source of gathering knowledge, experience and confidence.


The ultimate objective is to encourage more people to own and maintain these cars, and enjoy their regular use on the highway.


If you are interested in attending the workshops please contact Nicholas Simons on


The price is £20 (payable to East Midlands Section) for each day, details of the location and nearby places to stay will be provided upon acceptance.  Light refreshments will be provided.


For insurance reasons there is a minimum age of 18 for participants.

These workshops are separate from and in addition to the Seminars taking place at The Hunt House. Suitable protective clothing is required.

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