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The Silver Ghost Register has but two aims...

To preserve these great cars for future generations

and enjoy them while we are here.

          Allan & Sue Glew                            Steve Hubbard                                  Graham Mead                         Jackie Robotham                      

The aim of the Silver Ghost Register is to provide a forum to enable Ghost owners to better understand and maintain their vintage cars in order to have the most enjoyment in driving them while meeting up with old and new friends. 

Register tours and events primarily encompass Rolls-Royce 40/50 Silver Ghosts built between 1906 and 1926, we also welcome owners of all Rolls-Royce motorcars designed in the Henry Royce era and enthusiasts looking to become involved.

The Register fully supports the technical training seminars run by the East Midlands Section and encourages members to attend.

We aim to organise an interesting programme where members and their families can enjoy the bygone days of relaxed and stately Grand Touring.

The 40/50 Silver Ghost model was a tremendous achievement by Sir Henry Royce and he made no truer statement when he said, "The Quality Will Remain Long After The Price Is Forgotten". 

The Silver Ghost Register Team


Allan Glew (Registrar)

I have been working with historic Rolls-Royce cars for as long as I can remember and with Silver Ghost in particular.  Most of you will likely know me as the head of the family business AJ Glew Limited and, as I approach retirement, I appear to have a little more time to devote to driving and having fun rather than my working.


Steve Hubbard (Editor & Author)

Having been a Rolls-Royce enthusiast from the age of eight, I joined the RREC in 1977.  I became fascinated by the Silver Ghost after I saw ‘The Edwardian Rolls-Royce’ book when it was published in 1994. Four years later I began work on the sequel, ‘The Vintage Silver Ghost’, which covers all of the Silver Ghosts built after the Great War, both in England and America, and was published in 2021.  In 2016 I began editing The Silver Ghost magazine for The Silver Ghost Register of the RREC, and produced all six issues. I believe the Silver Ghost was the Best Car in the World.


Graham Mead (Technical Consultant)

My main interest in the Rolls-Royce motor car is the Silver Ghost and over the last 30 years I have acquired a collection dating from 1907 to 1923.  I have driven many of them extensively in many parts of the world.  I carry out as much work as I can by servicing, maintaining and repairing them; consequently I have built up a fairly large amount of knowledge of the mechanical changes that took place during the 20 year production life of the ‘Best Car In The World’

Jackie Robotham (Tour & Event Co-ordinator)

My love for Rolls-Royce motorcars began many years ago when as a young child I watched the film ‘The Yellow Rolls-Royce’.  The film follows three different owners of the motorcar and shows the exciting adventures the car and the owners go on together.  For me the star was the car which created a magic I wanted to know more about.  My aim as a member of the Silver Ghost Register team is to hear your stories and help to ensure that a life is given to the human history of these motorcars by sharing these stories.  My role at the moment is to assist the team with the heavy work load of administration in putting things in order for the smooth running of the Register.  It is a pleasure and an honour for me to be part of this team and I hope that I can be of assistance and make a difference in helping to ensure that the stories live on long after we have gone.


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